Our non-profit organization 
provides an outreach to our 
central city. It seems that 
central cities across the 
country have been particularly 
challenged this year with an 
epidemic of problems and a 
sense of hopelessness. Hope 
is a precious commodity, and I 
believe that our Non-Profit can 
help restore it to our central city.

The program would cover two years: Year One would be the most labor-intensive period, while Year Two would “raise the bar.“ The second year would define the future by the resident’s ingenuity rather than their fears. See our Mission Statement.

Year one would consist of meeting with a resident on a weekly basis. The first month would focus on getting to know the individual, their interests, hobbies, family, and challenges. The second month would focus on incorporating a family and clergy member into the equation. Meetings would be set up with these individuals if possible. The goal would be to support the resident from multiple sources. The Third Month would consist of meeting with governmental entities such as parole officers, social workers, and teachers. The integration of all of these resources would help to assist the resident. The goal is to assist the resident toward a viable career and solid future. See our Year One Schedule. 

Year two would “raise the bar.” We would emphasize how far they have come in one year. What else might they accomplish in five or ten years? See our Year Two Schedule.

I am aware that the community might be suspicious about our experience and perspective. See our Question and Answer Sheet, which details our perspective and motivation.

Central City jobs are a vexing issue. See our Occupation/Vocation List. 

See our Miscellaneous Sheet, which details other programs and the mechanism for our program.

I realize that this is a very different way of looking at a very challenged area. I would like to network with contacts in the field of Restorative Justice. Talent is wasted in jail, and we can't minimize the power of redemption. Justice and public safety must be reconciled. Common ground can and must be found in the community.


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